Community Schools

Creating Hubs for Community-Focused Resources in Knox County


Community Schools connects with neighborhoods and families through schools to ensure that no matter where a family lives in Knoxville-Knox County they have access to the resources they need. 

Community Schools is now part of United Way of Greater Knoxville. As the anchor organization, we lead Community School coordinators, maintain nonprofit partnerships and guide the initiative to positively change lives and improve our community.  

What is a community school?

Community Schools are public schools that provide services to help students, educators, families and neighborhoods thrive.  

Community Schools are intentionally located within the most marginalized areas of Knox County to serve those with the largest need where it matters most.  

How does it work?

Community Schools is based on the belief that academic performance is affected by what happens outside the classroom. United Way of Greater Knoxville strives to remove these obstacles with the help of its network of 200+ non-profit partners.

Community Schools address four pillars:  

  • Shared Collaborative Leadership 
  • Expanded Enrichment Opportunities 
  • Family & Community Engagement 
  • Integrated Student Supports 

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