Economic Mobility

Reaching your goals takes dedication and a team that has your back. The East Tennessee Collaborative program helps families reach financial stability and independence.

About East Tennessee Collaborative

East Tennessee Collaborative (ETC) is an initiative that empowers you to achieve your goals and gain financial independence. It is a collective effort of local organizations committed to supporting you on your journey toward success.

Through ETC, you will access resources such as financial assistance and skill enhancement. Most importantly, you will have a dedicated mentor to help you along the way, a community of over 200 participants and the support of our partner organizations.

Reaching your milestones starts with YOU. Join us today!

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Through the program, you will:

  • Partner with a mentor for up to two years
  • Make a plan to achieve your own goals
  • Gain financial support
  • Access skills and opportunities to increase your income and financial well-being


You may be eligible if you:

  • Have custody of a minor child in your home
  • Are a U.S. citizen and a Tennessee resident
  • Are receiving or eligible to receive government benefits
  • Are interested in pursuing economic independence

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Meet the Families


As a single mom, Ronnisha has worked diligently to care for her family and has pushed through hard circumstances to achieve many milestones. Ronnisha joined ETC to get help finding housing. After settling into her new home, she now works with her mentor on long-term goals. Alongside her mentor, Ronnisha is pursuing her master’s degree, working through chronic health issues and learning to celebrate small wins along the way.

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Dylan and Savanna

Over the past few years, Dylan and Savanna have turned their life around. When they first met, they were homeless and their three kids were in foster care. They worked hard to find jobs and get their kids back, but without an adequate safety net, they were living in a state of constant fear that one small setback would ruin everything. Since joining ETC, they have found new hope and possibilities. Their mentor has helped them create a budget to pay off debt, secure better paying jobs, advocate for their kids’ healthcare needs and plan for a brighter future.

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Thank you to our ETC Partner Organizations

East Tennessee Collaborative is a part of a study funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services which is being conducted to determine how these pilot programs help people improve their economic well-being and become self-sufficient. During the study, all new eligible applicants will be selected by lottery into one of two groups that receives a different mix of program services.

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