“I moved here a few years ago and I didn’t know any English, which was a huge struggle. I had always wanted to learn, but I had just had my children and there weren’t any classes that had a childcare program at the time. I was cleaning houses but I couldn’t afford to get a babysitter so I could learn English, but without knowing more English, I couldn’t get different jobs to be able to afford a babysitter. So it was a real struggle.

But then Centro Hispano began their childcare program, which made life so much easier. I could come here and attend classes and my kids would be able to do activities and learn and make friends at the same time. And since I didn’t have to worry about my children, I could focus a lot more on learning. Now I feel more comfortable with English, though I still get nervous and scared that I’m not pronouncing things correctly. But knowing more English has made life easier in so many ways – before, we would have to wait hours for a translator when we went to the doctor. Now, if the doctor speaks slowly, we don’t need a translator. And I can talk to my children’s teachers at school, too.

I’m just so thankful for the community, friends, and education I’ve found with Centro Hispano. Not only do I get to really focus on my learning, but it’s a wonderful community center for my whole family.”

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