“My name is Walter and I’m eleven. I’m about to be a Boy Scout, and I’ve been doing scouts for three years. I really like doing the camps and activities. We just learned how to use BB guns and slingshots. The camp we were at had a shooting range and they put up aluminum pans and taught us how to shoot and how to do everything really safely and stuff. It was a lot of fun. That’s probably my favorite activity we’ve done.

And Boy Scouts sell popcorn. The money from the popcorn helps pay for a lot of different stuff, like our activities, and it helps pay for our uniforms, too. The activities are always really fun, and we have really cool teachers that teach us about our projects and the history behind everything we do. And you make a lot of friends. In scouting I’ve definitely learned how to make friends, and to be prepared. That’s our motto.”

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