“I only have 8 weeks left to go, and I am so, so excited. This is my fourth child, but she’s my first little girl – and it’s my fiancé’s first child ever. So we’re both feeling a little nervous and new at this. My boys are 14, 13, and 9, so I feel like I’m having to prepare myself all over again since it’s been so long. Plus both mentally and with baby supplies, I’ve never prepared to have a girl before. That’s why the Pregnancy Center is so amazing. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, they help you through the process and make sure you’re ready no matter what.

I especially love that they have classes for both mothers and fathers – a lot of places offer classes for mothers, but it’s so important to my fiancé that he learns everything and is fully prepared for our little girl to get here. Learning skills and different parenting techniques has really built his self-esteem, and seeing him being involved makes me so happy! And it’s fantastic to get to learn everything together as parents.

Besides the classes and the support system, the Pregnancy Center also really helps us with baby supplies. They have all new items, nothing used, and they can help you figure out which car seats and strollers to order, too. Everyone here genuinely cares about the families they see and they want us to be prepared – and you don’t have to be Catholic to come here, either. It’s for anybody and everybody who needs help, and they’ll support you from the time you’re pregnant until the child is two years old. You get classes, and baby supplies, and parenting skills – but you also get a support system and community to lean on. And it’s wonderful.”

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