“I’m a native of Knoxville, and I have two beautiful children – my son attends the afterschool program here at the YWCA. His name is Ojo. I’ve lived in East Knoxville for a while, and as a matter of fact I used to work at the YWCA when Ojo was about four or five. Now he’s in 6th grade, and I get to see the impact this program has from both a volunteer standpoint and a parent standpoint. The program offers not just an afterschool outlet, but activities, academic supplements, homework development, time on computers, life development, life skills, training workshops, and just so much more. It’s amazing because it helps kids emotionally and academically, and it touches kids from different backgrounds. And the YWCA is truly a family-engaged organization. They engage me as a parent, warmly. Knowing that I’m coming to a facility that’s warm, and loving, and enriching to my family is incredible. The YWCA has been changing mine and my family’s lives for over 10 years now, and I just want everyone in the Knoxville community to know the real impact that it has on children’s- and adult’s- lives.”

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