At the age of 93, Ruby found herself struggling to manage her home and financial affairs after her husband, a World War II veteran, died a few years earlier. Her daughter, Laura, had noticed that it was becoming harder and harder for Ruby to keep up with everyday tasks like she used to. Laura and Ruby decided that it was time for Ruby to get some help with routine house maintenance like cleaning, vacuuming and laundry, as well as, cooking meals. Ruby was unable to hire additional help around the house because most of her retirement funds had been exhausted. Ruby’s daughter lived at home and was unable to assist her mother because of a disability, which put additional strains on their financial situation.

Ruby had looked for help through a number of social services. Her daughter thought that since her father was a World War II veteran, Ruby would be eligible for a program that provided aid and assistance to veteran’s widows. Shortly after Ruby applied, she was denied.

Ruby got in contact with Senior Citizens Information and Referral Service (SCIRS). SCIRS provides information and referral to/for senior citizens seeking help in such areas as housing, transportation, health, recreation, finances, retirement, and loneliness. When Ruby reached out to SCIRS, her daughter had passed away. Not only was Ruby lost without her daughter, but she was left with the financial burden of Laura’s medical bills.

Struggling, Ruby needed help. SCIRS provided Ruby with an advocate to help her navigate the Veteran’s Service System to file another claim for housekeeping and general assistance. SCIRS worked with Affordable Medicine Options for Seniors and through Knox County’s liaison for Veteran’s Services to get her the support that she had earned and deserved.

Ruby continues to keep in contact with SCRIS and they provide assistance with whatever they can. Because of the Senior Citizens Information and Referral Service at the Community Action Committee’s Office On Aging, Ruby was able get the help that she needs to live a good life.

The United Way of Greater Knoxville is proud to support Agencies like the Community Action Committee’s Office on Aging and programs like SCIRS that affect the people of our community. Together, we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of people like Ruby.  Change doesn’t happen alone. To live better, we must live United.

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