Following is a story from the mother of a child at The Children’s Center of Knoxville…

“My name is Melissa and my daughter, Olivia, has been a student at CCK for several years now.  Olivia, who is now 4, started in the Toddler 1 class. Since her first days at CCK, I have watched my baby thrive and grow into a self-confident, happy little girl. Outstanding teachers such as Ollie Meeky and Deriesa Coleman have taken the time to build genuine relationships with my daughter.  Olivia loves both of these women very much. As a parent, I have the luxury of knowing that the staff at CCK do an excellent job of caring for and protecting Olivia.

CCK has given Olivia a pre-elementary education that is second to none.  While she is developing academically, the school is also helping her develop emotionally.  She is learning valuable social skills and developing good manners. CCK has given Olivia an overall education that has far surpassed my expectations.

It’s thanks to the United Way and the wonderful scholarship program at CCK that my daughter has been able to get such a wonderful start.  Without the scholarship program, I would not have been able to afford tuition for Olivia’s first year at CCK. In the years since, the scholarship has allowed us to continue her education there while still being able to afford school clothes and occasional extras that I would not be able to afford otherwise.  The scholarship program at CCK has allowed me to give my daughter the best possible start on her education. I cannot thank CCK or the United Way enough for the difference that you’ve made in the lives of my daughter and myself.”

United Way of Greater Knoxville is so proud to partner with agencies that are dedicated to the social, academic, and emotional development of the children in our community. We are so lucky to be able to ensure that students, regardless of financial background, have equal access to quality education and care- all thanks to donations from the people in our community! Change doesn’t happen alone. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.

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