“I have a big city mind, but a country heart. I moved up North for my business, to live in the big cities. When you’ve been raised in the south, and you go up North, it’s completely different. New York wasn’t too bad, but I sure as heck didn’t want to retire there, because they wouldn’t care about you – there’s just so many people, they just don’t care. So, I came back to my roots, where I felt comfortable, where I really wanted to be.

The visits from the volunteers are the best part of my day. Absolutely. I know all of them. There’s one woman, first she brought her daughter. Then she brought her son. Then she brought her husband. And then the whole family came! And we’re friends, now we’re friends. We love each other. And the word “love” means something different here. The word “community” means something different here. And I just love these people. How much money do you give them? Eh? Give them more. All that they’re doing, it’s all worth so much more.”

United Way of Greater Knoxville is so proud to be a supporter and partner for Mobile Meals, an agency that provides food, comfort, and community to seniors living in Knoxville.

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