“I’m Lily and that’s Nicole, my mom. I’m nine and in a month I turn ten, but my mom’s 37. I’m in fourth grade. I started doing Girls Inc last year, and I really like doing the arts and crafts. And I really like Ms. Kate. I have her number pretty much, and I text her sometimes. Ms. Kate is the best. I think other girls should do Girls Inc, like you get to do arts and crafts, but you could also do science. They make slime, which is cool, but I like the art stuff. And if we have homework, they’ll help us.”

“And from a mom’s perspective, I really love Girls Inc. Ms. Kate is really like a mentor to her, and it’s been really good for her. Her self-esteem has gone up a lot, which is awesome to see. I first found out about Girls Inc through the Boys and Girls Club, and I really wanted to get Lily involved. This year we’re going to do the summer program, too, and we’re really excited for that.”

“Really excited!”

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