“I’m a first-generation college student. It took me a while to mature and get a grasp of secondary education. Once I really attached to the idea of furthering my education, though, I went after my bachelors, completed my masters, and began working on my doctorate. I’m from Michigan, though, and when we moved to Tennessee, I had a hard time finding a permanent job. Being so new to the area, I had no idea where to start. I’d been applying to places ever since I hit town, but I was very close to giving up. So when a coworker of mine at a temp agency asked if I’d contacted the Urban League, I reached out to set up a meeting with them to go over my resume and find what I was looking for. They sat down with my and decluttered my resume so that it was more professional, more condensed, easier to read. From there, any time I would apply to a position I was interested in, they would have contacts with that company and reach out to them. And that gave me peace of mind, made me feel like my efforts weren’t all for naught, and that I would at least get looked at.
I actually work now for Lincoln Memorial University in the Duncan School of Law. When I first saw the position I was quite nervous because I was thinking, “I’m not a lawyer!” It seemed like something I wouldn’t ever have considered, but my counselor thought that it would be a good idea to apply, so I did. He also helped a lot with my anxiety; he told me that they were really nice people over here, and he encouraged me. They’re always rooting for you and in your corner. Now, I recommend everyone to go to KAUL or at least get on their email list. You never know what’s out there!”

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