“I think my favorite part of Emerald is all the people and how they’re so nice over here. Like, my teachers are awesome. My favorite teacher is Mrs. McNally and she’s practically the best teacher I’ve ever had in the 4th grade. And my favorite subject is STEM and science class. It’s a class where you get to do lots of experiments and learn stuff like energy. We learned about kinetic energy and potential energy and there’s lots of stuff to it. We also have clubs once a week, and we can do things like dance, black history, physical education, art… it’s pretty awesome.”

“And from a parent’s perspective, I love how good everyone here is at communicating. If you’re having a problem, you can go straight to them. And they keep me informed and updated on what’s going on, so the channel of communication is so open. They have lots of activities for families and really try and keep the parents involved. We really do love it here!”

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