Greg had been living with multiple sclerosis for years when he finally heard about East Tennessee Technology Access Center. As Greg got older and his condition progressed, he began attending support group meetings, where a friend recommended he contact ETTAC- and his life changed.
Once in contact with ETTAC, the staff showed Greg a number of low-tech items that were new to him and would make his living alone easier and safer. A couple of these items were a potato peeler and utensil for pulling out oven racks- both designed to enable Greg to continue cooking, while preventing him from cutting and burning himself in the kitchen. Another item that had a huge impact on Greg’s mobility and self-sufficiency at home was a reach. The reacher was designed to help Greg pick up items off of the floor or on a low shelf when his condition prevented him from bending down. The item that changed Greg’s life the most, however, was a laptop. Due to his condition, Greg is obligated to periodically undergo 8-hour infusions for multiple sclerosis treatment. Greg reports that the laptop has helped make a once-long and painful process much more tolerable, and has greatly improved his quality of life.
United Way of Greater Knoxville is a proud supporter and partner of the East Tennessee Technology Access Center and all of its efforts to ease and improve the lives of the people of Greater Knoxville. Together, United Way and ETTAC work to help the lives and accessibility of all those living with disabilities in our community. Change doesn’t happen alone. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.

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