“I’ve learned everything I know about golf here. When I first heard about it I thought I’d just see how it works out, and now here we are. I come here every day that I can. We learn about core values, too. Like integrity, sportsmanship, respect, perseverance, stuff like that. My favorite is courtesy.”

“And as his mom, I think this program is awesome. It’s just so awesome. The coaches, the staff, everyone. They make sure the kids are learning and enjoying what’s happening. And they don’t care to get out and play with them, so they have a good time all around. He loves it, and I love it because he does. I think he gets— First Tee allows him to get opportunities I don’t think he’d have had otherwise. He gets to play golf, meet people that he wouldn’t otherwise meet, and have all these great experiences. And he’s gotten so good at golf!”
“I wouldn’t say “good.” I’d say I’m decent, but not good. I’ve gotten a lot better though.”

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