“I feel like the Boys and Girls Club gives kids a second home. A lot of children around here grow up in traumatizing households with this mind-state of feeling lonely or isolated. So the Boys and Girls Club becomes not only this outlet to have fun and be a kid, but it also puts things into a positive perspective.”

“And honestly, not a whole lot of people think about the Boys and Girls Club the way they should. A lot of parents and even people that go to the club think of it as a babysitting type program, but that’s because they’re not opening themselves to the things that the Boys and Girls Club can do for you. Like see my favorite program would be the Youth Force University Program. That’s held downstairs by Xavier and Becca, and they’re amazing people. I love them. And the program is just amazing, it gives you the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” as far as the workforce and gives you interview skills. Not only that, they have people that represent all different companies that teach you all the basic skills that you need when you go into an interview. They teach you how to make a resume. It’s awesome.”

“My favorite program is probably the Theatre Program over the summer. Because, me, I’m a rapper, but I’m also a poet. And really, they’re the same thing, it’s rhythm to poetry. And that’s what I learned in the program. I learned how to get my message across and how to communicate. And with the programs, everybody is happy, and everybody seems more united and is having fun. It’s great. And really, I just wish people knew that like, you are welcome here. And not only are you welcome, but there’s so many different programs to be exposed to. Honestly, I feel like the Boys and Girls Club is really slept on.”
“They gave me so much, down to just having food. They put food in my mouth. I’m not rich, I’m poor. When I come to the Boys and Girls Club, I feel like it’s such a beneficial thing because not a lot of kids get to play games at home and not a lot of kids are exposed to such a welcoming environment.”

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without the Boys and Girls Club. I tear up sometimes when thinking about it just in general. When I was younger, me and my sister, we were going through some situations with family. And the Boys and Girls Club was just there. You develop a relationship with the people who work here, and those relationships will go on for the rest of my life. And that’s what it is here, love. It’s all just love.”

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