“I’ve been coming here since Kindergarten, and I’m about to go into 6th grade. I really like all the activities we do here, and I think music and art are my favorite. Right now in music we’ve been learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and we just finished learning the whole thing. We play it on the hand bells. And in art we’re making our own little aquariums with pieces of paper and paint. Last week we dipped pencils in paint to make fruit tree paintings.

Probably one of the really cool things we do is the garden. We plant our own plants and learn how to take care of them and we get to use them when they get fully grown. A lot of the plants we use when we have our cooking class, but then we get to take some home, too. We’ve been growing carrots and strawberries and stuff.

Oh! And when school is back in, we do circus, which is really fun. We have an orange ball that we balance on, and we use stilts which I mastered! It was scary at first because they’re very tall and I am very short, but now I’m really good at walking on stilts.”

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