“It teaches you about responsibilities and stuff that you’ll need to learn later on in life that you may not learn in other situations. It’s fun, and you make new friends, and you have so many activities that you typically wouldn’t get to do. Like when we sell cookies, 75 cents from each box goes back to us, and we get to vote on activities to do. One night we spent the night at the aquarium, and one time we got a special tour of the zoo late when nobody else was there.

But I really love camping and selling cookies the best. A lot of people, when it comes to selling Girl Scout Cookies, they’re really shy at the beginning. And once you go on, you get more and more outgoing with it. And just one of the big things is learning to accept no for an answer. Like when you’re selling cookies, a lot of people are like “no” and you just gotta keep going.”

“At the cookie booths, I’ve watched many girls over the years learn how to ask confidently, they’re able to answer questions about their product, calculate change, and learn how to be professional with many different types of people. Brianna says she learned to take no for an answer. But, really, she learned to move on and keep asking more people and not give up. Girl Scouts stresses to girls that they can change the world.”

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