“Homelessness is another world. There are two different worlds that people live in: there’s one world if you have a home and an income and pretty much everything people expect you should have in life, and there’s another world of people that aren’t that lucky. And we have feelings, too. We like to be respected, too. We’re people, too.

I found out about Flenniken Landing when I was being treated for my mental illness. At first, I was scared, very shy. But step by step, little by little, with help from my counselors and problem manager, they helped me build who I am today. They didn’t say, “oh, we’ll do this for you,” they said, “okay, here’s a tool you need.” This place is like the Starship Enterprise, everybody from another planet. So many people come together here, and we find, in a weird way, a harmony amongst each other. Instead of staying strangers, we converted into a community. This place is like my community.”

United Way of Greater Knoxville provides funding for Flenniken Landing to benefit Cal and others in his situation. To help, make a contribution today.

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