“My name is Bob, I’m 70 years old and I just had both legs amputated due to diabetes. I still enjoy life though, and I’m determined. I’m not going to give up. I just keep going, and I’m not going to stop until He says it’s time to stop. I live by myself, just me and my two rescue animals. I have two rescue cats. I contacted the Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service, because I needed somebody to help me out around the condo. I need help doing things that are hard for me to do. Like changing the bed sheets, it’s difficult trying to get around and make the bed in a wheelchair. So Francis, that’s the woman that comes by to help me, she helps me keep things neat and clean because that’s the way I like to live. I think the world of her, she’s awesome. She makes it possible for me to do this, to keep going. I have rehab twice a week, and I work here in the office on alternate days, so SCHAS allows me to do these things and have more freedom. It gives me a place to go, and I come home to a clean house, and me and my two little rescue cats can live happily ever after!”

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