“We signed up with Imagination Library when Hudson was born. A form was there in my checkout packet that they gave me at the hospital, so it was really easy to just fill out right then and there. And he started receiving monthly books from when he was born until he turned 5. And now Maddie’s receiving her books! And even though he’s graduated from the program, they’re great books for him to read. “

“When the books come in the mail, we race out to check the mail! My favorite books are the train books. The other night I read The Little Engine That Could.”

“And I got a new book and it’s fire fighters and kitty cats!”

“What’s really amazing about Imagination Library is that it really began their excitement for getting a new book and reading – it associates getting books with fun. I know sometimes when kids begin reading it can be challenging and they get discouraged, but the program started this excitement for learning and reading that stays with them as they grow.”

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