Our Process

HouseKnox connects with Property Managers/Owners to become Property Partners.

HouseKnox provides support to help foster stable, long-term tenancies.

HouseKnox will assist Property Partners to maintain their assets through Risk Mitigation Funding.

Affordable Housing is one of the biggest current needs in Knoxville / Knox County. As a Property Partner, you can help solve that need, while also welcoming supported tenants.

When you decide to partner with House Knox and become a Property Partner, you gain exclusive benefits such as Risk Mitigation Funding & Rent-ready tenants.

Property Partners agree to utilize relaxed screening criteria for applicants to their units. In exchange, House Knox and participating service agencies provide rapid response to any concerns, along with support and assistance to achieve sustainable, long-term tenancies.


For more information, contact Yolanda Grant at:

       (865) 521-5561


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