Lisa’s Story

“I’ve known since I was 16 years old that I wanted to work with survivors who had experienced trafficking; I’ve just known that and felt called to that. So finding the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking was amazing – the Coalition serves both adults and kids, and I work directly with kids. The Department of […]

Ray’s Story

“I’ve had seizures since I was 12 years old, and over the past few years they had been getting worse. My doctor put me on the seizure medication Dilantin to help me get things under control, but then over a period of time I found out that when you take that medication if affects your […]

Austin’s Story

“I first started getting involved with and volunteering with Second Harvest around the time of the Gatlinburg fires. Living in Knoxville I didn’t know how awful it really was and how much it affected the community until I went up there to pass out food. We had a tractor trailer and we were passing out […]

Drema’s Story

“I had always seen the Red Cross on TV, you know. The red vests, helping out communities all over the world after disasters. But I was introduced to them personally Father’s Day morning in 2018, when our apartment complex caught on fire. My eldest son ran in and said, “Mom, mom, you’ve got to get […]