“My name is Asia, and I’m a sophomore at Austin East High School. I’ve been a mentee with Girl Talk for six years now.”

“And I’m Katrina, Asia’s mom. I’ve been a parent with Girl Talk for about eight years, but this year I actually came on as a mentor. So we’ve been a part of this for a long time. We originally found out about Girl Talk through word of mouth – people in church and on Facebook kept talking about it, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to get my daughters involved. We went to one of the first fashion shows, and that was it!”

“The fashion show is definitely my favorite thing. We get to pick out our clothes and dresses, and it just makes me feel like a model. Especially for the formal scene, when we get to pick out formal prom dresses – it’s just the best.”

“And as a parent, my favorite thing about Girl Talk is the emphasis on education. They take the girls on trips over breaks, and they go visit businesses where there’s a female in charge. And you can tell that Girl Talk is really all about girl power – and having three daughters and a granddaughter, I’m all about girl power. And it’s really special because the girls get to see their mentors, grown women, bonding like sisters and it’s a great example that even as adults, women can be friends and empower each other; women can be on the same team.”

“Girl Talk is definitely a sisterhood. The mentors are like sisters, and the mentees become like that, too. We all grow as people, and we grow together.”

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