“I kept hearing about it around my neighborhood. Wesley House this, and Wesley House that, so I asked my neighbor to bring me here, and I signed up my eldest daughter on the spot. After a couple of weeks, she fell in love with it! She enjoyed the tutoring, the reading program – they even taught her how to play the violin! Now both of my girls are at Wesley House. They’ve learned how to play instruments, they’ve taken cooking classes, they’ve gone to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge – things I wouldn’t have been able to afford if the Wesley House hadn’t provided them. They have retired teachers that come read to the kids, so my girls don’t have any issues with reading or keeping up in school. And even outside of the programs, the staff at Wesley House are so involved. If one of my girls has a dance competition or a volleyball game, they come out and support them.

You hear me talking about all these amazing things the Wesley House does for these kids, but it’s completely affordable. Before coming here, I was on the DHS program where they pay for your daycare, but I can afford Wesley House even without that voucher. And if somebody can’t afford to bring their kids here, they offer scholarships. They’ll make sure your child can come and do activities and go on trips, and they’ll make sure it’s no burden on the parents. It’s just a great place for parents to bring their children and for families to be involved. Every day my girls say, “don’t pick us up until later,” not because they don’t want to be home, but they just really enjoy being here so much.”

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